Machine Design

Small Liquid Diaphragm Pump

The NF5 pumps liquids and liquid/gas mixtures at 50 ml/min. The pump can pull water up 13 ft (12-in. Hg) and discharge at 15 psig.

Small liquid diaphragm pump

Liquid-diaphragm pumps provide consistent, reliable operation, eliminate tubing fatigue or failure, and can run dry indefinitely. The maintenance-free unit can be mounted in any position and is almost inaudible. The pump comes in two versions that differ in size, operating life and price. The unit has a corrosion-resistant Ryton/EPDM envelope and handles mild acids, inks, caustics and other difficult materials. The self-priming NF family features a free-flow range from 0.05 to 1 l/min, with 16-ft water suction or 85 psi (33-ft water) head pressure. Low current and power consumption make them well suited for mobile, battery-powered applications.

KNF Neuberger Inc.,
Two Black Forest Rd., Trenton, NJ 08691,
(609) 890-8600,

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