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Machine Design

Small-Motor Connector

The M3 small-motor connector is designed for motors with a flange size of 60 X 60 mm or less.

Compared to conventional design, the motor's small size reduces installation costs and is 50% lighter. Features include high degree of vibration and shock resistance, IP67 sealing, housing with a single power and three feedback insulators separated by metal-shielded walls, and two sealed entries for power and feedback cables. The M3 is constructed of a zinc-die-cast shell, Fluor rubber sealing parts, high-temperature insulator material, and high-quality contacts. The connectors have a 48-V/5-A power rating, current ratings of 2 to 10 A, and operating voltage of 50 to 630 V.

ITT Industries, Cannon
666 E. Dyer Rd.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(800) 854-3028

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