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Motion System Design

Small motor market faces uphill battle

According to new statistics from IMS Research, Austin, the 2009 economic downturn has cut more than $700 million from the small motor market, which had peaked in 2008 at an estimated $3.018 billion. IMS forecasts that it will take until 2012 to return to these levels and that the market for some motor types, such as brushed dc motors, may never return to previous peaks. Further, the market contraction will be most severe in sectors that rely on capital expenditure, such as industrial automation applications.

IMS believes that motor manufacturers looking for growth should consider focusing on the brushless dc motor market. This market is expected to recover at the fastest rate, due in part to the trend for machine builders to produce equipment with higher levels of energy efficiency. Rules governing energy efficiency of machinery, such as HVAC and vending machinery, are being introduced and updated by government entities such as the U.S. DOE and the E.U. Parliament. These are expected to directly impact future development of the small motor market and should benefit the market for brushless dc motors. For more information, visit

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