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Small-object counter - Banner Engineering Corp.

 The D10 Expert small object counter consists of a specialized D10 Expert sensor and preconfigured PFVCA fiber-optic arrays for a 2D sensing field that detects objects that break any point of the array. The unit’s three major features — dynamic event stretcher (DES), automatic compensation, and health node alarm — make the counter suitable for small-object-counting applications:
DES prevents double-counting translucent gel caps and similar small objects. Any object edge breaking the fiber-optic array could activate a traditional sensor, thus counting the object twice. With DES, the sensor detects the front edge and then stretches for the duration of the detection, giving the object time to pass through the array without being counted again.
Automatic compensation lets the sensor adapt the switching threshold to its real-time environment. Small changes due to dust or contamination or changes caused by ambient temperature shifts are filtered out by the microcontroller.
The health-mode alarm monitors performance and alerts operators when preventative maintenance should be scheduled.
Banner Engineering Corp., 9714 Tenth Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55441, (888) 373-6767,

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