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Snap-in electrical outlets

A one-time homebuilder grew frustrated with all the screws needed to install electrical outlets and switches.

So he invented the Cheetah Speed System, which is marketed by the Cheetah USA Corp., Salt Lake City ( It consists of three components: a snap-on cover plate that clips to the electrical device, the device itself, which can be a dimmer, switch, or outlet, and has speed anchors on the side, and a poly-carbonate outlet box that has builtin slots with teeth that accept the speed anchors.

The units come in 1-4 gang standard and Big-A sizes, and can be used with metal or wooden studs, different voltages, and telecom devices.

The screwless fixtures are said to cut installation time by 75%. A safety strap covers the entire box, so there is no electrical danger even if the wall plate is removed. There are also no exposed wires and an insulated plastic face.

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