Machine Design

Software Asists Design of Electronic Equipment

Coulomb 6.1, 3D electrostatic design and simulation software, assists in the design and analysis of electronic equipment and components.

Coulomb 6.1 shows the voltage contour on an insulator with a corona ring.

Applications include transmission lines, high-voltage insulators and bushings, MEMS, high-voltage power and distribution transformers, high-voltage shielding, cables and connectors, lighting arrestors, and electrodes. The software includes variable-surface transparency, improved healing commands for geometry, and improved automatic element generation and node matching. Models are better visualized with the variable-surface-transparency setting, letting users see the model at different levels of transparency. Building models and correcting errors in CAD imports are simplified with an improved geometry healing command. The number of points, segments, surfaces, volumes, and groups in the current workspace model can also be displayed with the geometry summary command.

Integrated Engineering Software, 220-1821 Wellington Ave., Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3H 0G4, (204) 632-5636,

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