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Machine Design

Software Documents Engineering Ideas

Mathsoft12 includes an open-data model, scalability, new flexibility to document engineeringcritical values, expanded unit and dimension handling, and new 2D-plotting capabilities.

The software's XML architecture delivers an open-engineering data model for publishing, collaboration, integration, and search capabilities, especially when deployed as an enterprise standard. New features let users save Mathcad files as XML documents, making them easier to search and share with other users and systems, including document management applications, CAD programs, and PDM software. The software simplifies converting Mathcad files into XHTML and XSL-FO formats, for easier publishing as Web, PDF, and other formatted documents. Price: $1,199/user.

MathSoft Inc.,
101 Main St., Cambridge, MA 02142,
(800) 628-4223,

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