Motion System Design

Software helps deliver safe landings

Engineering company LMS, Leuven, Belgium, has introduced a dedicated simulation solution for landing gear systems based on the company's Virtual.Lab Motion program. The new program — Virtual.Lab Landing Gear — allows design teams to build detailed aircraft landing gear models, simulate real-life performance, assess multiple design options, and optimize aircraft designs before prototype building. The program was developed in close cooperation with several aircraft and landing gear manufacturers to address specific engineering challenges regarding landing gear systems.

In addition to assessing performance in regular maneuvers, the software also evaluates response to extreme and failure load cases, for which physical tests are either too dangerous or too costly to perform. Takeoff, landing, taxiing, symmetric and asymmetric braking, and other ground maneuvers can all be accurately simulated to validate correct functioning and safety limits of new landing gear designs. Users can also review dynamic responses, including all system loads, accelerations, and positions.

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