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Motion System Design

Software saves auto manufacturer time

A new software package called Kineo Path Planner (KPP) is helping one carmaker optimize its manufacturing operations, saving time in the process. Developed by Kineo C.A.M., Toulouse, France, KPP automatically finds and generates collision-free trajectories in 3-D digital mock-ups for mounting and dismounting parts or during feasibility studies of human or robotic tasks in constrained virtual environments.

Prior to using KPP, part removal simulations required several hours — approximately 2 to 3 hr or more — of manual transformation time, equating to 20 to 25% of the total time to complete serviceability assessment studies. This limited the number of assessments that the automaker could schedule and complet.

These same serviceability studies now use KPP to find a feasible and quick extraction path. Finding an extraction path with the dynamic collision checker now takes an average of 5 to 6 min, which means about 2 hr or 76% computation time reduction on each part removal assessment.

KPP accounts for all assembly, disassembly, maintenance, and part interchangeability constraints directly on the digital mockup. It also simplifies related documentation.

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