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Software simulates bottle performance

The Virtual Package Simulation System (VPS) is a tool for engineers designing and manufacturing plastic bottles.

The system, based on Abaqus FEA software, analyzes the structural performance of plastic bottles and puts them through simulations that determine if they will perform as required. The software was developed by Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, but will be sold and serviced by Stress Engineering Services Inc., Mason, Ohio. The software handles analyses for meshing and modeling load cases so designers need only submit bottle geometries to generate a prediction on bottle performance. The software's four modules include a Virtual Race Track which simulates how bottles perform on standard bottle conveyors. A structures module simulates how packages perform under standard loading conditions, including filling and shipping. A Bottle Optimal Weight module optimizes HDPE plastic usage for extrusion blow molding and ensures the bottle meets loading specifications. And Autoseal analyzes seals, letting designers see where they went wrong and have to improve.

The Virtual Package Simulation predicts results of blow molding with colors that indicate wall thickness. The Bottle Optimal Weight module optimizes plastic use while ensuring strength.

Virtual Rate Track puts bottles in motion on a digital filling line to see how they travel when empty and full.


Noran Engineering
(714) 899-1220
Stress Engineering Services Inc.
(513) 336-6701

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