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Machine Design

Software Simulates Electric Fields and Equipment

Electro 6.2 for 2D Electric Field Analysis lets users simulate devices such as high-voltage shielding, transformers, insulators and bushings, transmission lines, lightning arrestors, and pulsed-power systems.

Of particular interest to transformer designers is the addition of linear-varying voltage boundary conditions. An impressed E field and a coenergy command have been added. Coenergy can be used as an alternate method for calculating force and torque. A hybrid BE-FE method combines boundary element and finite-element methods for faster and more accurate results. V6.2 features the addition of quadratic finite elements and angular periodic FEM.

Integrated Engineering Software,
220-1821 Wellington Ave.,
Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3H 0G4,
(204) 632-5636,

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