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Machine Design

Software Simulates Multidomain Systems

Simplorer V7 software simulates the design of large-scale, multidomain systems often found in the automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation industries.

Simplorer V7 includes a new scripting interface, new optimization and statistical analysis tools, and wizards for creating C-models.

The software features a new scripting interface, enhanced optimization and statistical analysis tools, extended VHDL-AMS capability, and new model parameterization tools. Usability features include a scripting interface that helps users integrate the software into existing design flows. Enhanced statistical analysis lets users perform design optimizations and identify design tolerances prior to manufacturing. The software also features model-development wizards for creating C-models, VHDL-AMS models, and component dialogs. The VHDL-AMS capability (IEEE standard 1076.1) is extended with optimized models, improved simulation efficiency and a modeling wizard, so engineers can use the IEEE language without learning syntax.

Ansoft Corp.,
Four Station Square, Suite 660,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219,
(412) 261-3200,

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