Machine Design

Sofware Programs Valve Operations

Flowserve StarTalk XP directs the Flowserve StarPac valve, one that controls and measures flow.

The valve is used in oil and gas, refining, chemical, steel, and industrial-gas markets. The software uses a single simplified screen to configure and operate the valve, directing up to 255 StarPacs on a daisy-chain network using direct Modbus access. The software has expanded help files and enhanced signature analysis that includes system and component diagnostics for valves, pumps, and piping. Diagnostics check actuator-air pressure, actuator leakage, valve-packing friction, pipe fouling, and pump performance. StarTalk XP also features graphical PID (proportional integral derivative) control for proper valve response to process errors, a tuning screen so users can view and configure controller variables, and alarm explanations.

Flowserve, 5215 N. OConner Blvd., Suite 2300, Irving TX 75039, (972) 443-6500,

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