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Machine Design

Solid-State Pressure Switches

The PS98-Series of pressure switches feature a polysilicon strain gage coupled with an ASIC to provide smooth, thermal-compensated pressure sensing. Outputs can actuate solid-state relays or transistor switches.

Solid-state construction resists the damage that shock and vibration cause to mechanical switch units and delivers more than 100 million switch actuation cycles. Pressure ranges are from 0 to 6,000 psi (0 to 400 bar) with repeatability of 0.25% of full set-point range. Temperature range is 40 to 260°F. Units require 24 Vdc and are available in a broad range of pressure connections and electrical termination options including DIN plugs and IP68 cables.

Gems Sensors Inc.,
One Cowles Rd., Plainville, CT 06062,
(860) 747-3000,

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