Machine Design

Solid-Water Treatment System

Revolution One is a single-board chemical-dilution system that simplifies industrial water treatment and extends the life of OEM equipment.


The wall-mounted, water-treatment chemicaldispensing system uses a patent-pending dilution method featuring corrosion-reducing chemicals in an encapsulated solid form. The board measures 24 3 24 in. and mounts easily on the wall near heating, cooling, or closed-loop equipment such as steam boilers, hot-water loops, chilled loops, and evaporative cooling towers. The solid encapsulant eliminates spills, leaks, and the need for 55-gallon drums. The chemicals eliminate biofilm buildup, scaling, and corrosion. The 10-lb canisters can treat up to 250,000 gallons of water, depending on operating and water conditions.

491 S. Pearl St., Albany, NY 12202,
(877) 370-3221,

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