Machine Design

Solving Syringe Pump Problems

The Lee LPV Pump overcomes the shortcomings of syringe pumps through an install-and-forget design.

Three standard volumes (50, 250, and 750 l/full stroke and full volume) dispense in as little as 1 sec. Low power consumption reduces heat in a cabinet. Life is measured in millions of cycles. The small units fit inside machines, near chemistries, and are light enough to fit on moving arms. Many custom configurations are possible. The pumps are manufactured in a laboratorylike clean room.

The pump uses a stepper motor to move an axial piston back and forth through the center of a fixed volume chamber. The motor rotates an internal nut, which engages a threaded rod fixed to the piston. The resulting axial motion displaces volume in a closed space, creating fluid movement. The piston reciprocates in a fixed seal, unlike a syringe pump, which has a moving seal. The fixed seal lets two ports access the piston chamber, with one port next to the seal, to aid in flushing.

Lee Co., 2 Pettipaugh Rd., Westbrook, CT 06498,
(860) 399-6281,

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