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Sound check: Low-noise gear module

A new low-noise gear module replaces standard stages to turn loud gear whines into low, quiet hums. Increasingly required in medical devices, commercial products, and automotive applications, low-noise gear modules fit right into existing modular gear units. So, on a planetary gearbox, the first stage can be easily changed out and replaced with one of these quieter modules.

Behind the decreased noise are helical gears — quieter than traditional spur gears — optimized tooth and face contact ratios, and specialized tooth modifications that don't follow AGMA or DIN standards. Finer-pitch teeth also improve contact and performance. The units feature an engineered plastic planet gear running on a hardened alloy steel ring gear; all-metal sets are also available for higher load requirements.

The low-noise helical gear modules further optimize noise level with a tuned combination of diametral pitch, number of teeth, helix angle, and gear face width. Anechoic chamber measurements show that the design reduces noise and renders unabated sound less obtrusive.


On display: Low-noise gear module

Key feature: Tuned gear stage reduces noise level

What it means to you: An easy way to change out a section of gearbox within the modular system, for an end product that is acoustically more pleasant to the human ear.

What else: Adaptable to seven diameters from 32 to 105 mm; also available for NEMA-style units.

Innovator: IMS GEAR Planetary Gears Inc., Virginia Beach, Va.

For more information: or (757) 227-5553

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