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Sound deadener

A new sound-attenuating, polyurethane-elastomer system can be molded into entire floor coverings, reducing noise in heavy-equipment cab interiors.

The coverings are formed by reaction-injection molding (RIM) and offer advantages over sheet-compounded rubber (SCR) flooring. The custom covering uses Bayflex XGT-2, a filled, elastomeric-polyurethane system with high density for sound attenuation; and an extended gel time, which facilitates large-part manufacturing. The material also has a soft feel for driver comfort. The RIM process reportedly can mold parts with deep draws and varying thicknesses, permitting features like logos, foot-tread ribbing, and additional sound adsorption in specific areas. RIM can also mold in features that aid in placement of the final part, such as undercuts and lips at the edges. Pigmenting gives consistent color throughout and does not show wear.

Bayer MaterialScience, 100 Bayer Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15205, (800) 662-2927,

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