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Space-Saving Drum Motor

Drum Motor 127i features an internal gearing system with a 97% efficiency that lowers energy consumption and reduces noise levels. The thermally protected motor meets IP67 protection standards and features spring-loaded and labyrinth seals that prevent contamination and oil loss in conveying systems that operate in foodprocessing and high-demand industries. The internalgearing system features no external moving parts. The motor is available with three-phase motors and has a conveying speed up to 315 fpm with 1.0 hp. It can operate in temperatures up to 104°F with oil changes recommended every 20,000 hr. Options include a stainless-steel exterior, rubbing lagging, mechanical backstop, parallel shell (no crown), sprocket mounting, and matching idler pulleys.

Interroll Corp.
3000 Corporate Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28405
(800) 830-9680

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