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Spindle motors - Siemens Industry Inc.

Spindle motors - Siemens Industry Inc.

The new 1PH8 family of high-performance induction-motor drives and servomotors are for heavy-duty machine tool and motion-control applications. Available in 2.8 to 1,340 kW, the line combines induction and high-powered servo technologies for greater efficiency and more precision. A single stator and rotor design lets the modular adaptation of the various motor options provide design flexibility and cost containment.

The modular motor platform concept offers options such as assorted bearing designs for increased cantilever forces or increased speeds up to 20,000 rpm; solid or hollow shaft-design configuration to match the mechanical interface; forced-air or water-cooled models; induction or synchronous servomotor design — both feature the same mechanical and electrical interface; and absolute or incremental encoders built-in for high-resolution feedback and improved motion control in high power level applications

Siemens Industry Inc., 390 Kent Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, (800) 879-8079,

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