Machine Design

Spore killer

Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Engineering have developed a process that kills microbes, such as Anthrax spores and other viruses, on any surface within a few minutes of exposure. Add UV light and decontamination time drops to a few seconds. The solution applies by foam, spray, mist, fog, or steam and works on dense spore clusters without harming the environment. Tests with Anthrax spores have shown complete destruction.

The inexpensive compound can be made with commercial off-the-shelf chemicals. It is compatible with paper, carpet, linoleum, metal, and other typical office or residential surfaces. Although funded by the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command for military defense, the solution can be used for decontaminating buildings, ventilation ducts, carpet, clothes, and electronic equipment. It is also compatible with firefighting foams.

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