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Spotlight Controller: Controller Features CANopen and CiA 402 Options

The QCI-D2-IG-J1 servomotor controller now includes options for CANopen and CiA. The controllers may be CANopen configured for peer-to-peer, master, or slave operation, which lets them share I/O and registers with other devices. The IG-J1 supports the CAN in Automation (CiA) CANopen Drives and Motion Control Profile 402 so master CANopen devices can communicate using a standard set of motion commands.

The servocontroller drives I-Grade NEMA-17, 23, and some 34-frame motors generating from 21 to 300-oz-in. continuous torque. The unit also includes serial communications (RS-232, RS-485), and 7 I/O. The seven bidirectional I/O, 12 to 4-V input power, and communications signals are accessed through the DB15HD port and can be converted to terminal strips using a breakout (QCI-BO-B, QCI-BO-B1, QCI-BO-B1A, or QCI-BO-B52).

Additional features of the QCID2- IG-J1 include four analog inputs, analog output option, nonvolatile memory (~3,000 lines), 3.5-A continuous/4.5-A peak, 100:1 inertial miss-match, PVIA servoloop, point-to-point moves, profile moves, electronic gearing/ camming, and multiple-thread programming.

QuickSilver Control Inc.
580 E. Arrow Highway #E
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909) 447-7417

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