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Motion System Design

Spotlight: Variable frequency drives

Intelligent drives

Telemecanique Altivar variable speed ac drives feature dual microprocessors and motor control algorithms for high torque and speed regulation.

Features & benefits

  • Control motors from 0.5 to 700 hp

  • Common user interfaces, I/O options, and flexible communication options

  • Modbus and CanOpen protocols integrate into any network

  • Easy-to-read LCD uses plain text and navigation wheel for easy scrolling

  • PowerSuite software configures, monitors, and diagnoses through Ethernet or Bluetooth wireless connection

Schneider Electric
Palatine, Ill.
(847) 397-2600
Circle 194

Dual chassis drives

Dual SCR chassis drives deliver up to 11.5 and 1 hp combined between the two motors offer two operating modes.

Features & benefits

  • Maximum 5/8 hp

  • Single-phase input of 115 Vac

  • Independent mode lets users vary control of each drive side by changing trimmer pot and speed settings

  • Speed ratio mode sets main speed with one potentiometer and determines ratio of speed between motors with other

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
St. Charles, Ill.
(630) 377-4327
Circle 195

Drive analysis software

Analyzer software is offered as a free download and estimates harmonics, current, and voltage harmonic distortion under many supply and filtering conditions.

Features & benefits

  • Indicators show IEEE 519-1992 standard compliance

  • Table 10.3 of IEEE 519-1992 displayed from menu and button bar

  • Compares results from HG7 HarmonicGuard series drive-applied filter, HarmonicGuard filter, and KDR optimized drive reactor

  • Offers six standard 6-pulse drives, drives with reactors, and filters for ac drives

Milwaukee, Wis.
(800) 824-8282
Circle 197

Vector drives

SM vector drives feature high starting torque, autotuning, advanced low-speed control, and dynamic speed regulation.

Features & benefits

  • Power range up to 20 hp

  • Four operation modes — V/Hz, enhanced V/Hz, vector speed, and torque

  • Input from 120 Vac 1-phase to 600 Vac 3-phase

  • Removable chip programs multiple drives in seconds

AC Technology, a member of the Lenze Group
Uxbridge, Mass.
(508) 278-9100
Circle 196

Ac drives

Accel 500 family of ac drives is available in V/Hz, sensorless vector, and closed-loop vector designs from to 2,300 hp.

Features & benefits

  • Support 208 to 690 V and are UL, C-UL, and CE listed

  • Configured for common bus applications with both non-regenerative and active front-ends

  • Support DeviceNet, ProfibusDP, CANbus, and Modbus TCP Ethernet

  • Available with additional I/O cards and configurable system-level software

Avtron Mfg. Inc.
Independence, Ohio
(216) 642-1230
Circle 198

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