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Spring-loaded plunger assemblies - PennEngineering

Spring-loaded plunger assemblies - PennEngineering

PEM Type PTL2 spring-loaded plunger assemblies let users quickly and easily move racks, slides, access panels, and similar equipment to new positions without tools. A lockout feature, enabled by a quarter-turn of the fastener, keeps the fastener’s spring-loaded plunger retracted until the plunger pin drops into final position.
Type PTL2 spring-loaded plunger assemblies install permanently into properly sized mounting holes in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as 0.060 in. with hardnesses under HRB 80 or HB 150. The reverse side of the sheet stays flush when the plunger is retracted. Type PSL2 assemblies, without the lockout feature, are also available.

PennEngineering, 5190 Old Easton Rd., Danboro, PA 18916, (800) 237-4736,

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