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Motion System Design

Spring motor repair seminars

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) offers several spring seminars for members and non-members.

Fundamentals of DC Operation and RepairTips — March 18-19 — Denver

This seminar covers dc machine theory and operation, as well as repair tips. Topics include armature testing and winding, fields, interpoles and compensating windings, machine work, balancing, assembly, and final testing. The seminar is structured so that it can benefit personnel from entry-level to those with 30 years or more of experience.

Mechanical Repair Fundamentals of Electric Motors — April 22-23 — St. Louis

This seminar addresses the basic mechanical aspects of motor repair. It covers basic materials, loading and stresses, and common failure modes. The instructor will provide a range of repair procedures and tips.

Root Cause Failure Analysis — May 6-7 — Cleveland

One of the most important questions to consider is why a motor failed. The seminar explores the cause of motor failures and presents a methodology for identifying the most probable cause of failure. The seminar is suitable for owners, managers, supervisors, salespeople, and technicians.

For more information on the EASA seminars, or to enroll, call (314) 993-2220 or visit

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