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Square plane -- Pinpoint Laser Systems

The 90-Line Square Plane is for squaring machinery and equipment; setting up presses; checking machine tools; aligning guide rails; establishing parallelism between web rollers, idlers and take up reels; and other measuring and alignment tasks. Combined with the Laser Microgage system, it allows quick and precise equipment measurement and alignment.
When placed into the laser’s reference-beam path, the Plane forms a right-angle reference beam for checking alignment and taking measurements. The Plane’s nosepiece and right-angle beam projected from it can be turned a full 360° to define a flat reference plane. This checks the squareness and flatness of flanges, press plates, rolls and web-handling equipment, and machine tools.
The Square Plane is machined from a solid block of aluminum, covered with a hard-anodized coating, and has a variety of tapped mounting holes and machined reference surfaces. A fine-adjustment knob positions the laser at long distances and a lock secures the beam in place. The device provides precise measurements accurate to 0.0001 in. and can be used up to 180 ft. It connects directly to a laptop or PC for downloading readings and generating alignment and measuring reports.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, 56 Pulaski St., Unit 5, Peabody, MA 01960, (800) 757-5383,

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