Machine Design

Stainless-Steel Wash-Down Motors

The Barracuda stainless-steel wash-down motor now spans the ratings from fractional to 30 hp.

The motor is said to exceed requirements for wash-down environments by relying on industry-proven features such as vacuum-pressure impregnated (VPI) windings and shielded and sealed bearings. Drain holes located every 90° counter condensation.

The line includes both single-phase and three-phase models ranging from fractional horsepower up to 30 hp in both footed and nonfooted frames. Features include a severe-duty, C-face, TEFC squirrel-cage rotor, Class F insulation, sealed bearings, stainless-steel construction, IP55 protection, F1 assembly, a high service factor of 1.15, and a 1-yr warranty.

Toolmex Corp., Elektrim Motors Div., 2015 S. Mitchell Blvd., Schaumburg, IL 60193, (800) 678-1985,

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