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Stamping capacity - Boker’s Inc.

The 90th Anniversary Stamping brochure details an extensive range of metal stampings in a wide variety of sizes and short, medium, or long runs. Stampings are available in a large variety of sizes, including flat blankings and piercings up to 12 × 12 in., metalforming in thicknesses from 0.005 to 0.134 in., and draws up to 3-in. deep and 8 in. in diameter.
The 8-page brochure provides common trade terminology, a glossary of more than 100 industry terms, a Base Elements chart and gauge Decimal Equivalents chart, and covers the company’s “Dock-to-Stock” and “Just-in-Time” programs.
Boker’s Inc., 3104 Snelling Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55406, (800) 927-4377,

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