Machine Design

Staying on the level

Heavy machinery, driveshafts and countless other pieces of equipment need to be level to operate properly. Wasi-Technics, a company based in Germany and represented in the U.S. by Gerich Global Resources, Englewood, Colo., offers a variety of precision levelers, including their xy-HVE Series. It uses a finely threaded top nestled in a nut base with equally fine threads. It only takes a wrench to adjust the top vertically; then it is held in place with a mounting bolt. Maximum height adjustment ranges from 9 to 55 mm. The two-axis levelers can also be adjusted horizontally, letting installers vary position by 9 to 16 mm. Each leveler can replace M4 to M48 bolts, can handle 118,000-lb loads, and is available in three material options: alloy steel with a zinc chromate finish, 301 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel.

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