Machine Design

Stealthy Casters

Noise-absorbing metric casters sport nylon wheels that can swivel or be fixed.

Stamped-steel brackets feature a swivel-head seal that provides added protection and reportedly extends caster service life. Swivel versions have double ball bearings in the swivel head and can be outfitted with a "stop-fix" brake. Wheels are natural white nylon with an inner cushion ring of solid rubber that absorbs noise (10 decibels). Wheel centers are black nylon with shock and impact-proof, corrosion-resistant ball bearings. The wheels resist abrasions and have low rolling resistance. Casters handle loads up to 150 kg (330 lb) and come in 100 or 125-mm wheel diameters.

J. W. Winco Inc., 2815 S. Calhoun Rd., New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151, (800) 877-8351,

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