Machine Design


The SilverPak 23CE comprises a NEMA-23 high-torque stepmotor, microstepping driver, intelligent controller, and optical encoder in body lengths of 3.41, 3.85, and 4.78 in.

The unit handles up to 294 oz-in. of holding torque, depending on motor stack size and up to 3-A (peak) output current. The motor operates from 12-to-40 Vdc and reaches step speeds up to 16.7 MHz. Features include stand-alone operation with no connection to a PC; fully programmable ramps and speeds; software-selectable hold and move currents; up to 256 × microstepping resolution settings; and four configurable digital I/Os. Preset commands from Windows HyperTerminal program, LabView, and Visual Basic can execute when the device is turned on. A built-in encoder handles encoder feedback and is available with the following options: tracks up to 100,000 cps; 32 to 1,250 cpr; 5,000 pps maximum; two-channel quadrature-TTL square-wave single-ended outputs; and an optional third-channel index.

Lin Engineering,
1990 Russell Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054,
(408) 919-0200,

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