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Machine Design

Strong Polyester Alloys

Vandar polyester-based alloys boast high ductility and stiffness, along with excellent chemical and thermal resistance.

The PBT alloys are easy to mold and retain impact strengths down to 20°F (29°C). They are available in both unreinforced grades and as compounds with glass-fiber and mineral fillers. Unreinforced Vandars not only sport high impact resistance at temperatures well below freezing, they remain strong and stiff (i.e., resist creeping and sagging) at much higher temperatures. They also earned a V-0 rating in the UL 94 flammability test down to 0.033-in. (0.85-mm) thickness. Glass-reinforced versions are stronger, stiffer, and tougher over a wide temperature range, from 40 to 300°F (40 to 149°C). A low-warp mineral-filled grade is also available. It can be painted directly.

Ticona Engineering Polymers, 8040 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 41042, (800) 833-4882,

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