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Swing-piston pumps - KNF Neuberger

Two new swing-piston pumps transfer, evacuate, or compress air or inert gas oil-free without contamination. The new models include a 3.3-lpm micro pump and a 25-lpm midsize version. They broaden a product line that includes pumps with flow ranges from 3.3 to 78 lpm, vacuums to 27.6-in. Hg, and pressures to 100 psig. The sealing lip between cylinder and wall minimizes friction and promotes long life, quiet running, and minimal vibration. Pumps can operate in any orientation. All versions can be specified with ac motors, brush-commutated dc motors, or brushless dc motors.
KNF Neuberger, 2 Black Forest Road, Trenton, NJ 08691, (609) 890-8600,

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