Machine Design

Syringe Infusion Pump

Protege 3010 syringe infusion pump provides anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists with step-by-step instructions for programming and delivery of IV sedation, muscle relaxation, and analgesia. It has a fully programmable bolus rate by dose for flexibility, which lets controlled loading doses, bolus administrations, and maintenance infusions be performed with the same syringe. Sixty-four built-in Electronic Templates (E-Plates) provide instant access to dosing and infusion settings for specific drugs. Protege accepts syringes from 1 to 60 cc, and power requirements range from 95 to 240 V. An internal, rechargeable battery lasts up to 11 hr, running at a rate of 5 cc/hr with a 60-cc syringe.
Medex, 6250 Shier-Rings Rd., Dublin, OH 43016, (800) 848-1757.

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