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Motion System Design


Air bearing gantry

The ABG10000 Series gantry uses air bearings to provide ultra-smooth motion. BLM Series brushless linear servomotors drive the gantry to speeds of 1 m/sec and accelerations of 0.5 g. Feedback is from a rugged non-contact optical linear encoder. The gantry incorporates an active preload on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The opposing thin-film pressure maintains the bearing nominal gap tolerance. This design, in addition to the large air-bearing surface that distributes the load over a large surface area, results in a stage with good stiffness for heavy or offset loading.

Because the linear motor is a non-contact device, there is no backlash, wear, or maintenance. The air bearings are magnetically preloaded and assembled to provide optimized stiffness and load distribution. Options include machine base, Z axis, vibration isolation, and control enclosure. The gantries are used in high-speed pick-and-place, automated assembly, vision inspection, dispensing stations, and high-accuracy inspection.

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Chain conveyors

VarioFlow-S chain conveyor includes chain widths, styles, and stainless-steel options for applications with stringent hygiene requirements. The line includes chain conveyors in 80, 100, 160, 240, and 320-mm widths. An open-channel conveyor profile minimizes product buildup on conveyor surfaces and eases access for cleaning on filling line and in food, personal care products, and pharmaceutical processing and packaging operations.

New cleated chain types provide additional application flexibility. Universal chain can be equipped with users own cleats or fixtures to make custom chains. Accumulation roller chain ensures low surface wear during transport and prevents bottlenecking. Static friction chains and roller cleated chains are designed for more complex conveying tasks involving different elevations.

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Pivot conveyors

Pivot conveyors create a new walk-through access for employees in applications where long conveyor lines stretch across plant floors, hindering access. The conveyors mount to a pivot base, allowing them to swing either left of right to create a walk-through.

To prevent interruption of product flow, the conveyors come with interlock switches and a timer to ensure the conveyor is clear before it swings open. Product flow automatically resumes after conveyor is returned to the inline position. Pivot conveyors are available on every major conveyor platform, except the Z-shaped LPZ.

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Spindle-lift tables

Two new spindle-lift tables are used in DryLin linear guide systems. DryLin SLW is a compact, flat linear table with a spindle drive available as part of the DryLin W linear guide system. DryLin HTSP is a plastic spindle-lift table available with DryLin R linear bearings.

DryLin SLW delivers good torsional strength at a height just over 1 11/48 in. DryLin HTSP comes with plastic crossbars and slides. It's lightweight and corrosion and lubrication free. Stroke is adjustable, either manually or by a servomotor.

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