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Motion System Design


Keep a low profile

Combining accuracy and precision in a low-profile package, the DDT 200 direct drive rotary stage fulfills rotary motion requirements for metrology and light mechanical processes. It provides a 200 mm table with a resolution down to one µradian and features a 44.5 mm diameter center hole for bringing utilities to the payload with minimum added hardware.

The DDT 200 is precise to 2.5 µm TIR (or better) at any point along the stage, and accurate to 58 µrad (or better). Resolution and repeatability are as low as 1 µrad.

Three-phase brushless motors include 125,952 to 6,297,600 count/rev optical encoders. The entire assembly is constructed of anodized aluminum with stainless-steel hardware. It offers quick installation (tip, tilt, and elevation) and easy integration into additional linear axes.


Goleta, Calif.

(805) 685-1029
Circle 179

Linear motor speed, belt drive price

An electrical toothed-belt axis with internal roller guide achieves linear motor speed, hitting 10m/sec overworking strokes of up to 5 m. Low noise, repeatability of ±0.1mm, loads up to 600 N, and the ability to operate in a contaminated environment make DGE-RF ideal for dynamic positioning tasks.

Roller guide technology provides minimal friction for smooth motion, high-speed response, and quiet operation. The precision rollers operate on a steel surface and require little maintenance.


Hauppauge, N.Y.

(631) 435-0800
Circle 180

Carried away on conveyors

CarrySmart made-to-order conveyors include Flex-Turn, Flat-Flex Straight, Flat-Flex Shuttle Conveyors, and CarrySmart Spreader or Converger Specialty Conveyors.

Advantages of this line include easy movement of products around corners, easy-cleaning, gentle product handling, tight transfer, and small turning radius. Repositioning of product is possible for efficient handling and alignment during conveyor-to-conveyor transfers.

Belts are constructed of stainless steel and available in custom heights and angles.


Londonderry, N.H.

(603) 644-2500
Circle 181

Helping hands

PZN-plus three-finger concentric grippers come in a lightweight, compact package, and extend the capabilities of the standard PZN series with higher load capacities, longer finger capability, and better efficiency.

Newly designed jaw guidance means that forces and moments on the gripper are spread over several surfaces of a multiple-tooth guide, giving finger length increases to 30%. Larger wedge size assures absolute reliability under increased loads.

Available in five body sizes from 64 to 60 mm, the grippers produce 580 to 18,000 N of grip force with strokes from 12 to 50 mm. Multiple stroke versions with I.D. or O.D. spring assist assure proper sizing. Optional five position monitor and spring-packaged pressure plate available.


Morrisville, N.C.

(800) 772-4865
Circle 182

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