Motion System Design


Micro drive, mega features

Easy to install, use, and maintain, the L200 Series micro variable-speed drives offer many new features. Side-by-side mounting capability, built-in timing logic, and analog input math (PLC) functions, DIP-switch hand-off ratio, and RS485 Modbus RTU communication interface all help to make the drives simpler and more flexible.

User control is switch-selectable between terminal and keypad interface, with a NEMA4X remote keypad optional. The output range extends from ¼ to 10 hp (230 V, single or three-phase) and ½ to 10 hp (460 V, three phase). In addition to easier installation and setup, the L200 offers improved PID control, advanced trip avoidance, and logic and calculate functions.

Tarrytown, N.Y.
(914) 524-6645
Circle 243

All wound up

RGK3-20-0 rolling-ring traverse winding drives are an economical solution for general spooling applications. Cost savings are achieved in fewer parts and in injection-molded plastic parts in the housing and rolling ring carriers.

The drive produces 110 to 130 N of axial thrust on the basis of a bearing assembly in which all three thrust rings pivot within the unit. A release lever lets the user slide the drive freely on the shaft without turning on the motor, helping to reduce wear and tear on traverse system motors.

Linear pitch control mechanism is continuously adjustable from 1.0 to 12 mm, which removes restrictions of “stepped” pitch control. Tested for more than 50 million switch cycles, the RGK3-20 requires minimal maintenance — occasional shaft lubrication four times a year.

Aston, Penn.
(800) 252-2645
Circle 244

Take a spin

Hollow-shaft brushless dc motorized spindle design combines minute air gaps between the shaft and spindle housing (0.0002 to 0.0004 in.) with the shaft run-outs at 0.0003 in. to establish a vacuum via the spindle housing. This allows the vacuum to be made without contact seals.

The motor produces 5 oz-in. torque at an operating speed of 15,000 rpm within its 2.20 in. O.D. × 3.18 in. housing.

Motorized spindle features 1,024 line, 2-channel feedback with index encoder for precise control.

Canoga Park, Calif.
(818) 346-3113
Circle 245

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