Motion System Design

Systems & Subsystems

Conveyor sets the curve

AquaPruf 7400 series of heavy duty, sanitary, and curved conveyors are constructed of a stainless steel welded unit and a plastic chain base that can be subjected to fast, effective, and easy sanitation. Frames consist of continuous TIG welded 304 stainless steel and are designed with no horizontal surfaces for optimum cleaning. Almost any configuration is possible with belt widths from 8 to 36 in. and lengths to 99 ft. Carrying capacity is 20 lb/ft2 with maximum speeds to 150 ft/min on curves 15 to 180°. Maximum performance is achieved with 400 stainless steel bearings filled with H1 FDA lubricant mounted in cast stainless steel housings. Conveyors are designed to withstand high-pressure (100 to 1500 psi) spray and chlorinated solutions.

Hartland, Wis.
(800) 397-8664
Circle 272

E-Z does it

Easy-to-use linear motion actuators combine advanced step motor functionality and sophisticated motion control features. The EZ Limo Series ensures stable operation with built-in feedback system that performs closed-loop control before missteps occur. Compact design encases the motor, ballscrew, and feedback system. EZC, EZHC, and EZHP Series of motorized cylinders provide pushing and pulling motion using a rod driven by the ballscrew. Speed range of 0.01 to 66 mm/sec with a maximum thrust of 45 to 400 N. EZHC and EZHP offer resolution of 0.01 mm, strokes of 50 to 300 mm with repetitive positioning accuracy of ± 0.02 mm. Vibration and noise is suppressed through the use of special “smooth drive” software.

Torrance, Calif.
(800) 406-7484
Circle 273

Instant positioning

The new Bench Top 3-Axis System (shown with covers off) incorporates speed, accuracy, and efficiency necessary to achieve high levels of productivity for quick 3-axis movement. With X-Y-Z strokes of 150 × 150 × 100 mm, and repeatability of ±10 µm for the x and y-axes, and 20 µm for the z-axis, it is well-suited for use in the pharmaceutical and lab automation industries. The use of a belt and pulley system increases efficiency and eliminates the need for external cables. The system has a payload capacity of 1 kg and a point-to-point movement time of approximately 0.7 sec with no loss of accuracy. Cantilever design makes the unit more compact and creates a larger work area. Light weight (7 g) construction enhances maneuverability.

Addison, Ill.
(630) 620-8500
Circle 274

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