Machine Design

Tank-Monitoring System

Red Lion Tank Level and Multi-Tank Level Monitoring HMI Modbus RTUs provide customized display panels for multiple tank systems.

The displays give operators storage information on temperature, volume, interface, and level. Display screens are at the bottom of the tanks and can be customized for 4, 8, or 16-tank systems for petroleum tank farms, pipeline terminals, and fuel depots. The system requires 24 Vdc. The RS-485 RTU Slave Interface communicates between the display and an external PLC or DCS. The front panel is NEMA-4X/IP66-rated and shows gross volume, net volume, and diagnostic data. The panel also includes an Ethernet port so data can be logged in the external controller. Both the Tank Level and Multi-Tank Level Monitoring HMI Modbus RTUs are UL listed for hazardous Locations.

MTS Systems Corp.,
3001 Sheldon Dr., Cary, NC 27513,
(919) 677-0100,

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