Machine Design

Tap Switches

Heavy-duty rotary tap switches are configurable in either manual or motor operation, have dual (continuous/intermittent) ratings from 100/150 to 1,640 to 2,400 A at 600 V, and come in single, two, or three-phase models.

Designed to withstand severe shock and vibration, the flameretardantswitches include a handle that accommodates two padlocks. Models rated for 200 A or more have silver-plated current-carrying parts, Models rated up to 1,000 A have lightweight glass-fiberreinforced bases, and Models rated over 1,000 A have fabricated bases. Available options include increased voltage and amperage ratings, a mechanical-release handle, series/parallel switching, wye-delta switching, generator winding controls, high-frequency switching, motor reversing, and polarity reversing.

Electroswitch, 180 King Ave., Weymouth, MA 02188, (781) 335-5200,

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