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TARDEC supports battery research

Vice president Joe Biden was in Detroit recently to announce more than $1 billion in grants to Michigan-based companies and universities as a significant investment in advanced battery technology, and to accelerate deployment of electric vehicles, batteries, and components. The investment, which falls under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, was of particular interest to those at the U.S. Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Warren, Mich., because many of TARDEC'S partners are receiving funding for technologies initially developed together.

According to the DOE, the total $2.4 billion investment, coupled with another $2.4 billion in cost share from award winners, will result in the creation of tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. battery and auto industries. TARDEC will play a key role in helping develop fuel-efficiency and energy-security solutions, as it will soon be home to the Department of Defense's Ground Systems Power and Energy Laboratory (GSPEL). Once complete, the 8-labs-in-1 complex will have unique research and testing capabilities. The GSPEL will serve as the cornerstone for the Army's next generation of power and energy initiatives. An official groundbreaking ceremony for the GSPEL took place at TARDEC on August 17. For more information, visit

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