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Technical paper explores fundamentals of 3D optical metrology

Technical paper explores fundamentals of 3D optical metrology

Did you ever wish you knew more about optical measurement, but were afraid to ask? Look no further than this newly released whitepaper. Creaform Inc., a Quebec-based company that specializes in 3D portable optical measurement technologies and 3D engineering services, has published a new technical paper describing its technology fundamentals.

The company provides expertise and systems that cover the entire range of 3D applications, including 3D scanning, reverse engineering, inspection, design and engineering, and finite element analysis. Products and services are suitable for industries such as automotive, manufacturing, medical, aerospace and defense, consumer products, education, heritage preservation, and multimedia.

Following is an abstract of the technical paper, available for download here:
This paper introduces the new paradigm of intelligent measurement process in the context of 3D optical metrology. Since new 3D sensor technologies can capture 3D points at very high rates on the surface of objects, it is now possible to quickly capture very dense sets of points on an object’s surface. This very large quantity of 3D point observations allows one to examine the local distribution of these points on section areas before validating their consistency with the expected error model developed at the calibration stage.

From these dense point observations, higher quality surface point measurements can be produced for metrology. An intelligent measurement process will integrate these steps in real time during capture. We describe a framework adapted for implementing such a process. The results section presents some application cases in metrology. The paper concludes with prospective comments on intelligent measurement systems.

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