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Temperature Controller

Model 5C7-550 bidirectional temperature controller is for heating and cooling applications using thermoelectric modules.

The controller accepts TE Modules with voltages of 3 to 28 Vdc. A proportional/ integral control algorithm provides optimum control and is adjustable for matching individual thermal systems. The controller's solid-state "H" bridge operation, PWM output of 1.0 kHz provides temperature-control stability. Load current is ±0.1 to ±12.5 A at 25°C ambient. Operating ambient temperature is 0 to 50°C. A control temperature range of 20 to 100°C (TS67 sensor) or 0 to 150°C (TS104 sensor) is available when using Oven Industries' sensors.

Oven Industries Inc.,
Box 290, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055,
(717) 766-0721,

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