Machine Design

Temperature Controllers

High-accuracy electronic temperature controls handle hot, cold, or cold/defrost cycling for a variety of refrigeration and heater applications.

Priced to compete with traditional bulb and capillary temperature thermostats, the controllers target applications that include commercial and consumer appliances, cooking equipment, refrigerated and frozen food storage, chillers, and HVAC equipment. The Model 2696-C controller is designed for cold on/off applications. The Model 2697-C provides cold control plus a defrost cycle. The controllers handle temperatures between 40 and 50°F. The 2696-H, is designed specifically for hot on/off control of temperatures between 32 and 285°F. All controllers provide a differential of 2°F, thermistor temperature sensing of ±2°F, and a setpoint resolution of 1°F, via potentiometer. Other notable items include time control, user selection of temperature in °F or °C, small package size, and conformal coating for moist environments.

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