Machine Design

Terminal Sports Low Insert Force, High Amps

The Amphe-PD Series features a terminal with a stamped hyperbolic grid for low insertion forces, high amperage, reliability, and long cycle life.

The connectors generate more processing power with less heat than a similar-sized connector. The Series produces greater amperage without wasting space, offering a compact solution for datacom applications, which require small, yet powerful connectors. The design is UL listed at 69A and CSA listed at 55A. Amphe-PD features a single-position terminal with a molded socket shell or a dual-position TUV "touchproof" with a V0 rating. In addition, the terminal supports 50 to 70-A continuous duty.

Amphenol Industrial Operations,
40-60 Delaware Ave., Sidney, NY 13838,
(586) 415-3207,

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