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Thermally Conductive Potting Compound

Syon Tru-Cast 111 is a high-density potting and casting resin for sealing electrical components and wiring in applications that require heat dissipation.


The black, aluminum oxidefilled compound can also serve as a structural adhesive in heat-sink lap joints. A choice of three curing agents expands the resin's range of uses. Tru-Cast 111/901 has a mixed viscosity of 20,000 cps, a 30-min pot life, and cures in 24 hr at 77°F or 1 hr at 250°F. Tru-Cast 111/924 has a 2,000-cps mixed viscosity, a 1-hr pot life, and cures in 24 hr at 77°F or 30 min at 250°F. Tru-Cast 111/049, a heat-cured version, has an 11,000-cps mixed viscosity, 3.5-hr pot life, and cures in 1hr at 200°F.

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