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Machine Design

Thin-Ring Brushless Torque Motors

The Megaflux Series of thin-ring brushless torque motors is designed for use in direct-drive applications in large inertia or high-torque load systems.


The motors deliver stall torque ranging from 2 to 1,490 lb-ft. Motor-diameter sizes range from 6.7 to 331.2 in. The Megaflux motors are suitable for use in semiconductor manufacturing, robotics, precision rotary tables, scanning, printing, target acquisition and stabilized weapons platforms, and other high-precision rotary applications. The motors minimize cogging torque to enhance precision in applications sensitive to parasitic torque perturbations.

Allied Motion Technologies Inc., Emoteq Corp.,
23 Inverness Way E, Suite 150, Englewood, CO 80112,
(303) 799-8520,

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