Machine Design

Threaded Brass Inserts

Brass threaded inserts can be installed in plastics using ultrasonic, heat, press-in, and mold-in techniques.

They include tapered, straight hole, and symmetrical inserts, as well as threaded studs. The inserts start at 0 to 80 for inch threads and M1.6 for metric. The tapered H Series is said to outperform competitive inserts in ultrasonic and thermal installation in thermoplastics and structural foams. The H Series eliminates outward stress during installation and features a "knuckle knurl" that promotes uniform material flow into diagonal knurls and undercuts. This, along with its tapered design, boosts holding strengths and cuts installation time.

Tri-Star Industries Inc., 101 Massirio Dr., Berlin, CT 06037, (860) 828-7570,

TAGS: Fasteners
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