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Machine Design

Threaded Thumbnuts

A new line of thumbscrews with an internal female thread can be used alone or in conjunction with the company's existing line, creating a thumbscrew with a check nut.

The knob portion of the Thumb Nut Series is in the round-knurled style with diameters matching existing product lines. Custom-made 2024 aluminum-threaded bushings are inserted into plastic knobs, creating a thumbscrew with internal threads. The Thumb Nuts are available in nine thread sizes from 4 - 40 to 5/16 - 24. The plastic knob currently comes in black with red, gray, and yellow to be available soon. Free samples are available.

Shear-Loc Products,
23191 Peralta Dr., Laguna Hills, CA 92653,
(800) 775-5668,

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