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Machine Design

Through-Hole Switches

The G Series of toggle, rocker, and pushbutton switches are washable, ultraminiature, and have matching indicators.

The products feature the company's Sliding Twin Crossbar contact mechanism that guarantees logic-level switching reliability. The G Series have gold contacts that wipe clean with every actuation and their rounded movable and stationary contacts give a smooth contact feel. Rated 0.4 VA maximum at 28 Vac/Vdc maximum, the products are designed for use in low-voltage, low-current, logic-level applications. Their small size allows for high-density mounting and their 0.25-gm weight makes them suitable for handheld equipment. The G Series' bushing and housing is constructed in one molded piece with a rubber O-ring surrounding the actuator. The devices come in single and double-pole configurations. The pushbutton and rocker caps come in red, white, and black. Matching indicators can be specified in low or high-profile appearance and the LEDs are available in red, green, and yellow.

NKK Switches,
7850 E. Gelding Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260,
(480) 991-0942,

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